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How to get fit by Summer

I found an article entitled “How to get fit by summer, Life123 helps feed your mind and improve your health,” on PR It had some key pointers for getting fit.

Before you begin crunching those abs or counting calories, start by exercising your mind! Plan a program that fits your needs, or those of your family. Health and fitness articles at can help you make informed, intelligent health and fitness decisions.

First, figure out where you stand. Calculating BMI (body mass index) for yourself and your family will tell you how much, if any, work is in store.

Next, get ready to begin with a clean slate. While purging your system of toxins may sound scary, there are plenty of recipes for a detox diet that include yummy foods you’ll enjoy.

After that, it’s time to plan a healthy diet. Learn about cholesterol lowering foods and make them part of your routine.

Finally, accept that eating healthy is only half the battle. You’re going to have to get a little physical too.

I loved this article because I love to workout and try to eat healthy (most of the time). I’m always looking for new healthy snacks to try. I love going to the RAC classes that they offer through my school such as awesome abs, southern sculpt, cardio drills and more.


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According to PR JessicaSprague.comcelebrates National Scrapbooking Day 2009 with two free scrapbooking classes, discounts and more.

The new classes cater to those just getting started in Hybrid (both paper and digital) scrapbooking and will be available even after National Scrapbooking Day ends.

“All someone needs is a computer and a few minutes to try it,” said Jessica Sprague, owner and one of the pioneers of digital scrapbooking. “We make it easy to learn the secrets behind the cool looks seen in magazines and online, and class participants can start in less than 15 minutes, for free.”

The two Getting Started classes celebrate the relationships that matter most. The Hybrid Scrapbooking Quickstart class is designed for a few digital techniques to paper scrapbook pages.

The Digital Scrapbooking Quick Start class introduces scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers to make scrapbook pages entirely on the computer. As part of the video based class, participants can download a free digital scrapbook page to complete along with the video instructions.

I think what Jessica is doing is a great idea and extremely thoughtful. She is giving women the opportunity to learn how to scrapbook for free, which is a blessing to many women right now who simply can’t spend money on “luxury things” such as scrapbooking classes with the economy the way it is many women can only afford to buy the necessitites in life.

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Avon Charts New Territory for Recruitment

PR Newswire announced that Avon Products, Inc. will premier its first-ever 30 minute paid program promoting the Avon Independent Sales Representative earning opportunity.The program features personal, 0ne-on-one stories from real Avon Representatives across the U.S. who have discovered economic empowerment for themselves and their families.

“We have embarked on our boldest Recruitment drive ever,” said Geralyn Breig, Senior VP and President, North America, Avon Products, Inc.
“Throughout many difficult economic times in our company’s rich 123 year history, Avon has been the answer for women looking to earn an income to support themselves and their families.”

The program is hosted by veteran broadcaster Deborah Norville and features Avon Representatives sharing their incredible stories of success.

Avon, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company, with over $10 billion in annual revenue. Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through 5.8 million independent Avon Sales Representatives. Avon’s product line includes beauty products as well as fashion and home products.

I think what Avon Products, Inc. is doing to create jobs for women in a world where jobs are scarce is awesome. We are an economic downhill spiral where thousands of people are losing their jobs on a daily basis and for Avon to host an event promoting Avon Representatives and sharing their life stories of success is an inspiration to all women and hopefully this will lead to many more Avon Sales Representatives hence creating more job opportunities.

For more information about Avon products go to

Press Contacts for Avon Jennifer lino-Harvey and Lauren Haralson

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Swine Flu:Infection Control in Hospitals will be Critical

While browsing PRNewswire for up-to-date stories about what is going on in the world of PR today, the very first story that caught my eye was titled “Swine Flu:Infection Control in Hospitals will be Critical”.

This article is about the rapidly growing disease that has already had confirmed cases in Mexico, Canada and the United States that has European Union health officials against traveling to North America.  At airports in Japan and other Asian countries, thermal scanners are being used to identify fever among passengers from North America.

“The best defense against swine flu and other unknown pathogens is rigorous hospital hygiene and routine infection prevention”, according to Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., and Chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

This article makes me extremely nervous because the swine flu has already been found in the United States. This morning in my Apparel I class our teacher announced she received a message from the dean to personally make sure the students know they should wash their hands every chance thoroughly throughout the day. I know I’ve been coughing for three weeks now and even though it’s not the swine flu, I still know how important it is to do everything humanly possible to avoid getting sick especially with finals less than a week away and graduation less than two weeks away!

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Taxpayers Protesting Bank of America Branches Nationwide

Using I ran across an article about tens of thousands of taxpayers protesting at hundreds of Bank of America Branches Nationwide.

The article says the protest will take place on April 28th, 2009, on the eve of Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting. More than 10,o00 Americans have signed “taxpayer proxies”, the proxy includes:

1) Fire CEO Ken Lewis, who has helped destroy the bank and our overall economy

2) Commit to real financial reform

3) Stop consumer abuses that hurt our communities, like skyrocketing fees and predatory lending

4) Support bank workers’ voice on the job to protect consumers and improve living conditions and wages by supporting the Employee Free Choice Act

5) Provide affordable quality health care to employees so they do not have to rely on taxpayer funded public health programs

The protest was fueled by mounting frustration over an economic sustem that rewards coporate executives for their bac decisions while working people struggle to stay afloat.

After accepting $45 billion in bailout funds, taxpayers are one of the largest shareholders of Bank of America. They will join bank employees, consumers and activists to demand that the bank fire CEO Ken Levis and commit to financial reform that puts consumers and workers ahead of profits.

For more information about actions happening across the country go to

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