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My heart

Besides my parents and my sister there is one little man in my life that has my heart, my 2 year old Chihuahua Cooper. He is absolutely the most amazing dog ever! No matter how bad of a mood I’m in, I can come home and he’s just there waiting to go for a walk or just jump in my lap and curl up in a little ball, he’s definitely the best l ever.

He sleeps in the bed at night and likes to snuggle up close to me I guess for my body heat but a friend of mine watched him last week when I went on an overnight trip to the beach and he called me the next day laughing because I didn’t warn him how much Coop likes to cuddle.

I got Coop when he was just 3 months old as a gift from my boyfriend at the time for my 21th birthday present. We had another dog together, Kenzie, which was a gorgeous brown lab mix who has the sweetest face you’ll ever see.

Well of course like lots of relationships we parted ways and he got to keep Kenzie and I kept Coop. Well when Coop came to college to live it took some adjusting to being the only dog because he spent the summer with my parents and they have six dogs so Coop was confused for a couple of months before my roommate got a dog. All in all Coop is the number one man in my life and I love him to death!


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Everyone knows what next week is… finals week!(Yikes) It is a time where caffeine and textbooks become our bestfriends. Say goodbye to civilization and your bedroom and get ready for a week long camp-out at club Henderson (the library ofcourse).  Where days run into nights and time seems to be a lost cause.

I’ve been at GSU for 5 years now and I know over the course of the years I’ve grown accustom to this week but yet I too moan and groan thinking I’d rather be at the pool with friends instead of a dark and lonely corner in the library.

One good thing about finals this semester is the new and improved library. It’s now neatly decorated with bright colors and funky chairs/desks. I went there a couple 0f nights ago to study and I actually enjoyed being there. It was way more friendly and inviting than the old library.

I usually am one of those people who have to pull all-nighters to feel confident going into exams but this semester is different. I have one online final that is viewable this weekend so I plan on going ahead and getting that done and out of the way, one final I don’t have to take because I have an “A” in the class so I am exempt, and that leaves me with 3 finals spread out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The only one I’m really stressed about is my Textiles final because we have to identify ten fabric swatches and give the fiber, yarn, structure and coloration. Pretty intense. So after this weekend I’ll join the thousands of other students that will be racking their brains in hope of achieving good grades to boost their overall GPA.

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What lies ahead…

As I’ve stated in a previous blog post I graduate next Saturday May 9, from Georgia Southern University with a marketing degree and fashion merchandising minor. Though I am extremely sad about leaving Statesboro, which has been my home for the last five years, there is one thing I am looking forward to, my part time internship with Wolfbone Marketing.

Wolfbone Marketing is a strategic marketing and communications agency. It was founded by Chuck Wolf and Jerry Carbone.  It is located in the Pinnacle Building which is in the heart of Buckhead and lies adjacent to Lenox Mall.

It is now emerging into one of Atlanta’s top strategic marketing and advertising firms using print, radio, online, direct mail and sports marketing.

This was actually the very first interview I had ever had. My friend and former high school teacher Lisa Gandy Holton was the one who informed me about the internship position.  Once I got the interview, I went straight to the Career Services Center and picked up one of those forms titled “Interview Questions” and started preparing myself about the questions that could be in store for me during the interview. On the day of the interview I woke  up extremely early and had an overwhelming amount of butterflies in my stomach. The drive up there was about 2 hours long but I left extremely early so I gave myself plenty of time for traffic or if I got lost.

Once I arrived at the Pinnacle Building I was in awe of how beautiful it was. Everything was so modern and absolutely breath-taking. Becky Newkirk was the lady conducting the interview and as I waited to be called in the room I went over the questions one final time and then I was called in and the interview began. Once I met Becky, I instantly let out a sigh of relief, she seemed extremely friendly and easy going and she is a GSU alum. The interview went amazing and I met every member of the Wolfbone team and I loved them all. I begin May 26, and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

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Twitter Madness

I had never heard of twitter before my PRCA 2330 class. My instructor Barbara Nixon asked all of us to join and “follow” her so she would know we were members. The very first time I logged on I thought twitter was the creepiest thing I had ever set eyes on. People just follow you and unlike Facebook or Myspace, you don’t get the opportunity to accept or decline a friend request, you either make your account private or anyone and everyone has access to your page.

Little did our class know, only a few months after we all joined for class participation twitter has quickly become the new cool thing to join. Everywhere you turn someone is referring to twitter, whether it be radio announcers saying you can win free tickets by logging onto twitter to find the answers, or celebrities such as P Diddy, Oprah and Kim Kardashian getting on to promote themselves and gain even more popularity. Also I was watching Miss USA 2009 and the judges said you could check the scores on twitter throughout the night and get updates about the contest.

It’s just crazy the level of technology that has been created to help skyrocket careers and deliver news instantly and efficiently.

I was watching the season finale of Making the Band 4 and P Diddy said at the end to make sure to add him and Dawn Richards to show support towards her solo career.

I have to admit I get on twitter more than I used to but I just don’t know how it became this huge phenomenon overnight.

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The Hills… every girl should love this :)

One thing many of us girls have in common is our Monday night regime. You know when 10p.m. rolls around the people around you need to be mute and your t.v. needs to be on MTV. Why? Simple; The Hills is on and our beloved Lauren Conrad is about to experience another 30 minutes (of air time) excitement and drama with her group of  Hollywood friends Audrina, Lo, Brody and Stephanie (and some enemies… Spencer Pratt).

I along with many others have watched season after season of Lauren’s ups and downs with friends, guys, jobs. Even though it’s supposedly fake, I love sitting back watching her life. What 22 year old girl wouldn’t want to be her? She’s got it all: fame, money, a cool job, interesting friends and an overall awesome lifestyle.

The two hour season premiere had Heidi and her crying on each others shoulders about their past friendship and for a split second I thought the two were going to call it quits on this feud they’ve been having an reconnect as friends, but the next day when Lauren was sober she made it clear that’s not what she wanted.

I know this is merely a t.v. show that many see as superficial and ridiculous but if you are bored on a Monday night and you’ve got nothing better to do, watch for yourself and see if you don’t become fascinated by the story line filled with adventure, drama and more.

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Miss USA 2009

Despite the fact that I don’t personally like to participate in pageants, I enjoy watching others battle it out to win the title and on Sunday night Miss USA 2009 took place in Las Vegas. Fifty one were narrowed down to top fifteen, ten, five and finally one woman remained making her Miss USA 2009.

As the night went on the competition got more intense as the judges made narrowed it down to the top 15 and then to the top ten.

The top ten consisted of California, South Carolina, Kentucky, Utah, North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, West Virgina, Tennessee and Arizona.  These ladies had to model swimwear, evening wear and answer a question about themselves.

Finally it was narrowed down to the top five: Arizona, California, Kentucky, North Carolina and Utah. Each girl took turns drawing a answering a question prepared by a judge.

Then the moment came that everyone had been waiting for….the crowning of the new Miss USA was about to take place. 4th Runner up- Kentucky, 3rd runner up-Utah, 2nd runner up-Arizona, 1st runner up-California making North Carolina Miss USA 2009! She was my favorite, she was both beautiful and well spoken.

The next day controversy broke out over California’s question that she was asked by her judge Perez Hilton. He asked her if she thought that other states could allow same sex marriage to be legal. She responded honestly and confidently that while she doesn’t want to offend anyone but she was raised a marriage is meant to be between a man  and a woman. Aapparently Perez referred to her as a “stupid *itch” because he is a well-known gay man. I think the question shouldn’t have ever been asked in the first place because it should have been known that if she didn’t win people would assume it was because of the way see answered the question. I think North Carolina deserved to win 100 percent so I don’t feel her answer made her lose but again the whole controversy could have easily been avoided in the first place. No other judge asked such a controversial question but of course Perez Hilton had to be difficult and cause some drama.

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I can’t believe that in less than three weeks my college career will come to an end! Wow, it feels like yesterday my parents were  moving me into Bermuda Run and I was anxiously awaiting my first day at GSU with a mixture of excitement and fear of the unknown. Having to make new friends, find my way around campus, and even buy groceries for myself was quite overwhelming. It probably took me about a semester to get comfortable with the transition from highschool to college but after that first semester I was head over heels in love with college life. I enjoyed my classes, the RAC, the new friends I made, intramural sports, and the nightlife consisting of the bars and late night parties. I have enjoyed all my beach trips to Tybee, spring break trips with the girls, my golf class at Hackers, and lazy pool days with my roomie. The socials with my sorority, date night at the movies, and meeting new people everywhere I go. I can honestly say with 100 percent confidence I have truly had an amazing college experience and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am a marketing major and absolutely love every class I’ve taken that deals with marketing because it allows me to be creative while working on projects with others to create/market a certain brand or product that I truly believe will be a success. As many seniors count down the days until we walk across that stage at 9a.m. on May 9th, I have that familiar mixture of feelings that I had my very first day. Half of me doesn’t want to give up my wonderful life I’ve created here at GSU, and the other half is excited for the future that lies ahead. As I spend the last few weeks cramming for classes, I also want to take time and reflect over the last few years and how special they have been and think about all the wonderful memories I’ve made and the friends I have endeared and it makes me smile… I love my life and everyone who is a part of it!

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