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Comment on Eryn Pond’s Blog

Comment on Eryn Pond’s Blog post “Redefining Tradition” April 28,2009

I absolutely LOVE the way your sister’s friend did her wedding. My sister just got married in February but she went with the traditional theme but it was also beautiful but it definitely is an amazing feeling to see two people who are madly in love celebrate their unity and also bring a little uniqueness to the ceremony!


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Comment on Evan Floyd’s Blog

Comment on Evan Floyd’s Blog post “Pirates…Seriously!?!?” April 28,2009

I haven’t even heard about this until I read your blog about pirates but I agree with you, it sounds absurd and the issue should be able to be handled quickly.

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Comment on Matt Cook’s Blog

Comment of Matt Cook’s Blog post “Corporal Punishment” April 28,2009

I agree with you when you say it’s okay to spank your child (in the right content) to show them right from wrong but really I don’t think spanking really helps discipline a child, it just scares them but that doesn’t mean they won’t do the same bad thing again, I’m not a parent but just from my own childhood experience the worst way to punish me was to take away a privilege or something of extreme value to me (being able to go out with friends, my car or cellphone etc.)  I agree with you 100 percent when you say its wrong to let a teacher or some other adult other than the parent spank or punish the child.

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Comment of Victoria Greene’s Blog

Comment of Victoria Greene’s Blog post “Heidi Montag…Tweets her way to the alter” April 28,2009

Girl I have been watching the Hills too and you know there is absolutely no way Lauren will be at that wedding :) I just want Heidi and Spencer to break up… that kid is bad news, last week he was hanging all over the bartender now he’s ready to take the leap into the world of marriage… I don’t think so!

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Comment of Mackenzie Stratton’s Blog

Comment of Mackenzie Stratton’s Blog post “Domino’s Pizza Problem” April 28,2009

This video was so disgusting, it just goes to show how far a person will go for their “15 minutes of fame”. I agree with you 100 percent that a lot of companies will learn from this incident and monitor what goes on in your workplace more carefully because one “rotten egg” can ruin a whole basket and clearly the Domino’s learned that lesson the hard way!

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Comment on Sarah Monahan’s Blog

Comment of Sarah Monahan’s Blog post “Newest Obsession” April 28,2009

This PR Couture website sounds really neat and interesting. I am a fashion merchandising major so “new” looks are always fun and I love reading fashion magazines that talk about what’s in right now in fashion, I think I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks!

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