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Top 10 Things I learned in PRCA 2330

Here is a powerpoint I have created to highlight the top 10 things I have learned in my Intro to PR class with Barbara Nixon


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48 hours of Twitter

To begin with I joined Twitter strictly for my PRCA233o class. At first, I hated it, I felt like it was a knock-off version of facebook but instead of having “friends” you have “followers” who can just choose to add you without a friend request unless you’ve blocked your account.

I find it so odd how twitter has become so popular overnight. We as PR students had to make an account for class but few of us had ever heard of twitter, now every time I turn on the t.v. or listen to the radio people are promoting themselves or the program they represent through twitter. I know 97.3 always talks about contests they’ve held strictly through twitter in order for someone to be a winner.  Oprah Winfrey and P Diddy even have their on accounts. While I was watching the Miss USA 2009 pageant Sunday night even the announcer said you could go to twitter to see scores.

As I began my 48 hours of Twitter this time I went into it with an open mind. I decided to actually give twitter the benefit of the doubt and try to enjoy/learn how to communicate through twitter. I got on and added a few celebrities I had seen advertise their twitter accounts but more importantly I figured out how to send direct messages and replies and once I conquered those two things I was very pleased with myself and decided I like twitter better already. It still confuses me when it comes to changing the background. I thought I saved changes to a new background scene but every time I log in my old background pops up. I know it will just take time and effort to learn more about twitter but I like the progress I’ve made so far and look forward to the challenge of learning more.

Some of the cool things I’ve enjoyed about twitter is picking up on the language, “tweets” and “twitterific” are just a couple of examples.

A few people I would suggest you get to know and follow because of their insight into the PR world are: Barbara Nixon, my teacher who is responsible for getting all of her students actively involved in blogging and twitter. Sarah Evans who also sounds extremely knowledgeable and worldly. PR Couture because as a person minoring in fashion merchandising this is obviously of interest to me and another one closely connected to that would be Social WebPR, which tells you all about the latest trends in society and what is “hot” in the world of fashion today.

Overall, I have really enjoyed both the blogging aspect and getting introduced to twitter because even though it may confuse me and my hands may be killing me from the hours upon hours of blogging I’ve done lately, I took PRCA 2330 simply to learn more about public relations even though it’s not my major, and I feel that I’ve accomplished what I set out to learn in the class.

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Seth Godin on Tribes Video

Even though this video was over an hour long I found it quite interesting.  Mr. Godin defined tribes as groups of people who share something in common, whether it be a mission group, sports teams, just something that people find an interest in and want to follow. I had no clue what a tribe was before this video and I certainly did not know the difference between a tribe and a crowd.

A crowd is just simply a bunch of people, but a tribe is bigger than a crowd, its a movement or message that people have in common.  Seth Godin claims, “A tribe is just a “fundamental element of being a human.” Red Hat Ladies are an awesome example of a tribe because people may wonder what they get out of getting a large group of women to go around parading in red hats but to the women who are members of that tribe there is a meaning behind the hats far greater than you or I can imagine.

Seth also states there are 3 tribes that remain constant:

1) Church- people who believe in the same ideals and beliefs often stand together.

2)Work- since most people spend at least 40 hours a week at work, you tend to bond with the people around you because you are ultimately there as a team to accomplish a certain task and work together

3)Community- people who live around you and partake in the same community activities as you do tend to form a tribe because they connect on a more personal level once people start caring about the well being of the people and things that make up the place that they call home.

I think what surprised me the most is the way he broke everything down into specifics and really helped the audience grasp the “big picture” and a true understanding for what a tribe is all about.

I enjoyed his example about sports teams because he said the players and the coaches change year to year, it’s the fan feeling the connection to the entire organization so if the team wins, the fan feels like he has won. The bottom line is everyone wants to belong somewhere and where it be a sports team, a greek life organization, or any sort of group involvement with common interest, you belong to a tribe! Here are some sites you can visit to see the video.

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Interview with a PR Professional

For my interview with a PR professional I chose to talk with Lisa Gandy Holton, an Executive Vice President for a company called Media Brokers International, which is an established leader in the media placement business and consistently provides the most value for every advertising dollar. Lisa moved to Atlanta at the young age of 25 and within the first year had broken every record previously set by an employee and within two years was promoted to Executive VP.  Her insight and knowledge about the world of marketing and PR amazes me. She is an excellent role model and just goes to show if you set your goals high and work to achieve them anything is possible.

Q: What is a typical week like?

A: Weeks vary in my business…..because I’m responsible for planning,negotiating, placing media and getting the most exposure I can for hundreds of clients, no week is ever the same. For the most part during the week, I handle any request from my clients and make sure that the media/PR work I’ve place is running according to schedule. I provide run reports if need be and if any changes need to be made I make them. My weeks and job is dictated on a day to day basis by my clients.

Q:Tell me about a project you worked on that you are especially proud of.

A. My very first client at this job was a company called They where a small start up company trying to target individual investors to subscribe to their service. They did not have a very large advertising budget, however I told them I would work with whatever they had…..They had $15,000 to spend and wanted to do magazines. The magazine industry is not cheap. I was able to negotiated a very aggressive rate with Kiplingers magazine for them. They jumped on it and had amazing success. He asked what else I could do, so I told them I’d create an entire marketing plan for them. I did, and in less than six months their business grew 365%!!! I still have this client now, and their budget has gone from $15,000 to 3 to 5 million pr year in spending for advertising. Now, I’ll answer this question with a PR related answer, I was interning at an Advertising agency and a guy came in and wanted help promoting his “new idea”. His new idea was building caskets that had college logos on them. The owners of the company did not take him very seriously but agreed to do the project. The project needed a press release, so they allowed me to do. Nervous about the responsibility, I wrote a press release. They told me it was going to be “sent out on the wire”….not knowing what that meant I said ok. The next morning when I got to work I had over 100 phone calls from TV Networks, Newspapers, Radio Shows etc. wanting to speak with our client…..I quickly learned what the wire meant. The company is now a thriving company called Collegiate Memorials and they build beautiful caskets and urns for all the SEC teams and have expanded to the military!!

Q: How important is writing in your career?

A:.Since I have to write marketing plans for my clients, writing is very important to my career.

Q: What three tips would you offer someone just starting out in PR?

A:.PROOF, Be creative, and don’t be afraid to do something for free!

Q: What do you do to keep current in the PR industry?

A.Research and always staying on top of whats current.

Q. Did your education prepare you for working in PR? How?

A. Yes, I use my writing skills I learned everyday.

Q. What has surprised you most about working in PR?

A.How a well written press release can really help promote a product!! It amazes me what type of attention.

After interviewing Lisa I feel having a PR job would be an amazing experience and since I am a marketing major, PR can relate closely to some sides of marketing such as promoting and advertising your product or client whether it be radio, television, Internet, PR would definitely be something I would be interested in having a career in.

To find out additioal information about Media Brokers International you can visit

No. 3,121 Media Brokers International   Alpharetta, GA

Year 2008
Industry Media
Founded 1992
Growth 111.3%
2004 Revenue $23.4 million
2007 Revenue $49.4 million
Employees 54
What it does:
A media planning and buying firm that develops media strategies for advertisers and ad agencies.
Why it’s growing:
After starting as a boutique agency handling magazine advertising, CEO Ben Johnston has focused on acquiring expert agents to expand the company’s market share to newspapers, TV, radio, and Internet advertising to fulfill clients’ needs.
What’s noteworthy:
A new software application created by Media Brokers allows users to buy, manage, and track media for an entire campaign. MediaFiche will be available free in Fall 2008. Johnston plans to sell the operation in 3-5 years. Half of the sale price will go to Media Brokers employees.

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PR Connections~ Managing the Gray

Managing the Gray is hosted by C.C. Chapman, partner at The Advanced Guard, uses this marketing podcast and blog to help business professionals and individuals, stay up to date on what is happening in the world of social media.

The first things I learned from this podcast where related to social media success and C.C. Chapman feels that the first thing you should do is STOP- stop and figure out what you are doing now, and what are your marketing and PR people doing now with advertising and how are they finding ways to market your company.

C.C. feels that you shouldn’t just dive in and build stuff before you think longterm,  you need to sit back and look at the bigger picture and see what other brands are doing whether it be brand awareness, wanting to drive sells, or increase blog posts, you need to figure out what direction your company is trying to head in and strategize towards that objective.

Overall I think C.C. Chapman makes some very valid points when talking about strategy and dealing with the media, but there are also a couple of things that drove me crazy while listening to his podcasts. He tends to smack rather loudly in between talking and trying to swallow and this was a huge distraction when I was trying to focus on his overall message. Also I know he is doing this live, and I think he has a wonderful radio voice, but maybe he should prepare himself a little better before he actually goes on air because he messes up about every other sentence.

I really enjoyed the part of the podcast where he talked about longterm vs. short term success and how some people like to just jump in and get instant gratification for their work while others now to truly be successful it takes a lot of hard work and in many cases it takes awhile to get any reward from your work other than your own self awareness of your progress.

He gave a speech called  “social media jungle” and he did so to remind people not to forget the human side of social media. He gives an example of growing up in a small town he always knew someone when he went into a store so he developed brand loyalty towards that store just for the friendship involved, not necessarily for the product, so his advice was to find a way to connect the people to your brand and show the human side of your company beyond what you are selling. Word of mouth can be huge for your company if used correctly. If you make a connection with the right person they can spread news quickly about your company.  “Don’t ever think you’re too small.”

You can send comments to Mr. Chapman at

Some places you can visit to find out more about C.C. Chapman and his podcasts are and

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Helpful info on Job Searching

When starting to look for a job, one must do many things. Some of the most helpful information I’ve received is in the following.

Interviewing Skills- Send thank you letters via mail and email to every single person you interview with!!!

A little reminder: when in an actual interview, make sure to wear your name tag on the right side. ( this is something I learned just a couple of days ago 🙂 )

Always always research a company before you go into the interview so you have questions to ask and this makes the employer feel that you value the company enough to do research and are interested enough to ask questions.

Some topics you might want to research about the company include mission statement, what the company does*, know other company locations, company history (look at the annual report), and always write down the name of the person interviewing you.

On a more personal level you might want to ask some questions such as : “Why is this position open?”, “How did you get started in this company?” and “When can I expect to hear from you about the next stage in our process?”

Body language is another key factor when interviewing. Make sure you maintain eye contact. Not that creepy stare that makes a person feel uneasy, but enough to let know you’re listening and that you are confident.

Posture says alot about a person. Maintaining good posture and sitting up right in your chair says you take charge of a situation and you don’t just sit back and wait for someone to do a job, you take the initiative and do things yourself.

PAY ATTENTION!! Some people ( including me), have a tendency to get easily distracted and look focus quickly. I know I have a bad habit of nodding like I’m listening while I’m really thinking about a million other things.

Have several copies of your resume on hand. Even though you sent a resume to the company already, they may have more than one person interviewing and it never hurts to carry extras.

It’s been suggested that you turn your cellphone off but I think the best thing is to not take your cellphone in at all, leave it in the car or at home.

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Wag the Dog Blog

The PR practitioner embodies existential value orientation, which is decided on basis of immediate practical choice. One example from the movie would be when the news broke about the President sexually harassing the Firefly girl, “Conrad” (played by Robert Deniro), decided to act fast and do something to take the attention off the President’s scandal so he created a war.

According to the PR Code of Ethics, the PR practitioner was unethical in many ways. He failed to be honest to the public and lied about the war and all the turn of events that spun off from the war announcement including the “Old Shoe” from group 303, the little Albanian girl holding a cat while running for her life, and even the President giving the woman the coat while standing in the rain. He also proved he wasn’t a loyal man at all. He killed the producer (Dustin Hoffman), after theyhad built what looked like a good “friendship”.

“Wag the Dog” implies that someone has control over a situation and in this case Conrad had control over the public because whatever crazy idea he came up with and it ran on television, the public ate every word without even hesitating to ask for more details or investigate further into the matter.

Conrad displayed an extremely negative sterotype for PR practitioners that implied he had absolutely no morals or or boundaries between right and wrong and that he would do whatever it took to get the job done no matter who he had stomp on to get his way.

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Twitter Blog

This is my first blog ever so bare with me. I am in Barbara Nixon’s PRSA 2330 class and our first assignment is to blog about twitter, an online site that is used as a networking method in the PR world. It is kind of like a knock off version of facebook. You sign up for free, and add people (it’s called “following” on twitter), but the weird thing is that anyone can follow you. Unlike facebook where a friend request is sent and you can either choose to accept or reject the person, on twitter all they have to do is click “follow” and they can see all of a person’s updates instantly. Our first assignment was to follow thirty people in our class and have at least twenty updates by last Wednesday. Twenty updates was definitely harder to do than I thought. So far I haven’t really seen the point of having a twitter account but I’m keeping an open mind and hoping to learn new creative ways to make the experience more exciting and possibly make some connections that will lead me in the right direction career wise in the near future.  So far I have uploaded a photo and revised the “About Me” section, which isn’t that much but it is a start. I think when I find some spare time I will explore the website more extensively and hopefully find some extremely interesting people I would have never known if I hadn’t joined twitter this semester.

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