Punctuate This! and WKRP

April 30, 2009 whitneychilds

The last couple of days in my PR class we have been discussing AP style and punctuation.  My teacher, Barbara Nixon came up with a fun and creative exercise to go along with the topic, a Dear Tom letter.

She divided the room into two groups. Group One had to punctuate the letter as if they were madly in love with Tom. Group Two, my group, had to punctuate the letter as if we despised Tom. The hate letter read as following:

Dear Tom, 

I want a man that knows what love is. All about you are generous, kind and thoughtful people who are not like you! Admit to being useless and inferior! You have ruined me. For other men I yearn. For you I have no feelings whatsoever. When we’re apart, I can be forever happy!



I thought it was so neat to see the insanely huge difference it makes once you change the punctuation around even though you keep the same wording.

Also yesterday in class we watched a video “WKRP” in Cincinnati that took place in the mid 1970s. It was the first television show to play popular music.

I thought the show was entertaining and humorous. This show was about Mr. Carlson, who was the boss at the radio station WKRP, and he was extremely bored and tired of not being involved in the day-to-day activities that took place so he decided to get involved. He started annoying all his employees by being overly eager to dictate what they were working on. Then he came up with an advertising campaign that he wouldn’t tell anyone but told the team members to trust him that it was going to be huge. He ended up flying a helicopter over the town and throwing turkeys out of the sky to show that WKRP was wishing people a happy Thanksgiving and giving out free turkeys. The only problem was that the turkeys couldn’t fly and plugged to the ground at high speeds causing a frenzy to occur in the streets below. Mr. Carlson’s last words on this episode were “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”.

This t.v. show was a funny way of letting the class evaluate what could’ve been done to avoid the disaster. There needed to be communication between Mr. Carlson and his staff members. The event needed to be organized and proper perperation should have been taken to make sure the reporter on the street had permission to be there. Most importantly Mr. Carlson should have done his research and he would have found out turkeys in fact, do not fly and the whole disaster would have been avoided.


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