My heart

April 30, 2009 whitneychilds

Besides my parents and my sister there is one little man in my life that has my heart, my 2 year old Chihuahua Cooper. He is absolutely the most amazing dog ever! No matter how bad of a mood I’m in, I can come home and he’s just there waiting to go for a walk or just jump in my lap and curl up in a little ball, he’s definitely the best l ever.

He sleeps in the bed at night and likes to snuggle up close to me I guess for my body heat but a friend of mine watched him last week when I went on an overnight trip to the beach and he called me the next day laughing because I didn’t warn him how much Coop likes to cuddle.

I got Coop when he was just 3 months old as a gift from my boyfriend at the time for my 21th birthday present. We had another dog together, Kenzie, which was a gorgeous brown lab mix who has the sweetest face you’ll ever see.

Well of course like lots of relationships we parted ways and he got to keep Kenzie and I kept Coop. Well when Coop came to college to live it took some adjusting to being the only dog because he spent the summer with my parents and they have six dogs so Coop was confused for a couple of months before my roommate got a dog. All in all Coop is the number one man in my life and I love him to death!


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