April 30, 2009 whitneychilds

Everyone knows what next week is… finals week!(Yikes) It is a time where caffeine and textbooks become our bestfriends. Say goodbye to civilization and your bedroom and get ready for a week long camp-out at club Henderson (the library ofcourse).  Where days run into nights and time seems to be a lost cause.

I’ve been at GSU for 5 years now and I know over the course of the years I’ve grown accustom to this week but yet I too moan and groan thinking I’d rather be at the pool with friends instead of a dark and lonely corner in the library.

One good thing about finals this semester is the new and improved library. It’s now neatly decorated with bright colors and funky chairs/desks. I went there a couple 0f nights ago to study and I actually enjoyed being there. It was way more friendly and inviting than the old library.

I usually am one of those people who have to pull all-nighters to feel confident going into exams but this semester is different. I have one online final that is viewable this weekend so I plan on going ahead and getting that done and out of the way, one final I don’t have to take because I have an “A” in the class so I am exempt, and that leaves me with 3 finals spread out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The only one I’m really stressed about is my Textiles final because we have to identify ten fabric swatches and give the fiber, yarn, structure and coloration. Pretty intense. So after this weekend I’ll join the thousands of other students that will be racking their brains in hope of achieving good grades to boost their overall GPA.


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