Domino’s Crisis

April 30, 2009 whitneychilds

dominos1I’m sure a lot of people have heard about the recent Domino’s video that went up on Youtube featuring two Domino’s employees playing with a food (including the guy sticking a some dough up his nose before he placed it on the pizza).

In class Mrs. Nixon asked us to sit back and think.

What do you need to know about this story?

Where the Domino’s is located?

Who did the order go to?

Were there any other employees involved?

Who were the two employees who made this video and were they held responsible?

Then she asked us “what action would you take”?

First, I would fire the employees and make sure to let the media know you did so.

Formally apologize to the public at large

Conduct a health seminar for all Domino’s employees

Make the two ex-employees apologize for their actions

Install surveillance cameras throughout the store including the kitchen

Domino’s Reaction: 48 hours later they responded to the video, they removed the video but it had been watched numerous times and the damage had been done. They fired the employees.

What Domino’s needs to do:

Utilize their social media, it took them 48hours to respond to the video, which allowed a wide variety of people to have access to the video and share it with others, and they need to secure their domain name on twitter because people tried contacting them to let them know the video was out there but the name Domino’s wasn’t actually the company, it was just a guy who had Domino’s as his twitter name account.

This could have happened to any company but the way that they choose to handle it makes all the difference.


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