The Hills… every girl should love this :)

April 28, 2009 whitneychilds

One thing many of us girls have in common is our Monday night regime. You know when 10p.m. rolls around the people around you need to be mute and your t.v. needs to be on MTV. Why? Simple; The Hills is on and our beloved Lauren Conrad is about to experience another 30 minutes (of air time) excitement and drama with her group of  Hollywood friends Audrina, Lo, Brody and Stephanie (and some enemies… Spencer Pratt).

I along with many others have watched season after season of Lauren’s ups and downs with friends, guys, jobs. Even though it’s supposedly fake, I love sitting back watching her life. What 22 year old girl wouldn’t want to be her? She’s got it all: fame, money, a cool job, interesting friends and an overall awesome lifestyle.

The two hour season premiere had Heidi and her crying on each others shoulders about their past friendship and for a split second I thought the two were going to call it quits on this feud they’ve been having an reconnect as friends, but the next day when Lauren was sober she made it clear that’s not what she wanted.

I know this is merely a t.v. show that many see as superficial and ridiculous but if you are bored on a Monday night and you’ve got nothing better to do, watch for yourself and see if you don’t become fascinated by the story line filled with adventure, drama and more.


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