Swine Flu:Infection Control in Hospitals will be Critical

April 28, 2009 whitneychilds

While browsing PRNewswire for up-to-date stories about what is going on in the world of PR today, the very first story that caught my eye was titled “Swine Flu:Infection Control in Hospitals will be Critical”.

This article is about the rapidly growing disease that has already had confirmed cases in Mexico, Canada and the United States that has European Union health officials against traveling to North America.  At airports in Japan and other Asian countries, thermal scanners are being used to identify fever among passengers from North America.

“The best defense against swine flu and other unknown pathogens is rigorous hospital hygiene and routine infection prevention”, according to Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., and Chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths.

This article makes me extremely nervous because the swine flu has already been found in the United States. This morning in my Apparel I class our teacher announced she received a message from the dean to personally make sure the students know they should wash their hands every chance thoroughly throughout the day. I know I’ve been coughing for three weeks now and even though it’s not the swine flu, I still know how important it is to do everything humanly possible to avoid getting sick especially with finals less than a week away and graduation less than two weeks away!


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