48 hours of Twitter

April 22, 2009 whitneychilds

To begin with I joined Twitter strictly for my PRCA233o class. At first, I hated it, I felt like it was a knock-off version of facebook but instead of having “friends” you have “followers” who can just choose to add you without a friend request unless you’ve blocked your account.

I find it so odd how twitter has become so popular overnight. We as PR students had to make an account for class but few of us had ever heard of twitter, now every time I turn on the t.v. or listen to the radio people are promoting themselves or the program they represent through twitter. I know 97.3 always talks about contests they’ve held strictly through twitter in order for someone to be a winner.  Oprah Winfrey and P Diddy even have their on accounts. While I was watching the Miss USA 2009 pageant Sunday night even the announcer said you could go to twitter to see scores.

As I began my 48 hours of Twitter this time I went into it with an open mind. I decided to actually give twitter the benefit of the doubt and try to enjoy/learn how to communicate through twitter. I got on and added a few celebrities I had seen advertise their twitter accounts but more importantly I figured out how to send direct messages and replies and once I conquered those two things I was very pleased with myself and decided I like twitter better already. It still confuses me when it comes to changing the background. I thought I saved changes to a new background scene but every time I log in my old background pops up. I know it will just take time and effort to learn more about twitter but I like the progress I’ve made so far and look forward to the challenge of learning more.

Some of the cool things I’ve enjoyed about twitter is picking up on the language, “tweets” and “twitterific” are just a couple of examples.

A few people I would suggest you get to know and follow because of their insight into the PR world are: Barbara Nixon, my teacher who is responsible for getting all of her students actively involved in blogging and twitter. Sarah Evans who also sounds extremely knowledgeable and worldly. PR Couture because as a person minoring in fashion merchandising this is obviously of interest to me and another one closely connected to that would be Social WebPR, which tells you all about the latest trends in society and what is “hot” in the world of fashion today.

Overall, I have really enjoyed both the blogging aspect and getting introduced to twitter because even though it may confuse me and my hands may be killing me from the hours upon hours of blogging I’ve done lately, I took PRCA 2330 simply to learn more about public relations even though it’s not my major, and I feel that I’ve accomplished what I set out to learn in the class.


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