Seth Godin on Tribes Video

April 21, 2009 whitneychilds

Even though this video was over an hour long I found it quite interesting.  Mr. Godin defined tribes as groups of people who share something in common, whether it be a mission group, sports teams, just something that people find an interest in and want to follow. I had no clue what a tribe was before this video and I certainly did not know the difference between a tribe and a crowd.

A crowd is just simply a bunch of people, but a tribe is bigger than a crowd, its a movement or message that people have in common.  Seth Godin claims, “A tribe is just a “fundamental element of being a human.” Red Hat Ladies are an awesome example of a tribe because people may wonder what they get out of getting a large group of women to go around parading in red hats but to the women who are members of that tribe there is a meaning behind the hats far greater than you or I can imagine.

Seth also states there are 3 tribes that remain constant:

1) Church- people who believe in the same ideals and beliefs often stand together.

2)Work- since most people spend at least 40 hours a week at work, you tend to bond with the people around you because you are ultimately there as a team to accomplish a certain task and work together

3)Community- people who live around you and partake in the same community activities as you do tend to form a tribe because they connect on a more personal level once people start caring about the well being of the people and things that make up the place that they call home.

I think what surprised me the most is the way he broke everything down into specifics and really helped the audience grasp the “big picture” and a true understanding for what a tribe is all about.

I enjoyed his example about sports teams because he said the players and the coaches change year to year, it’s the fan feeling the connection to the entire organization so if the team wins, the fan feels like he has won. The bottom line is everyone wants to belong somewhere and where it be a sports team, a greek life organization, or any sort of group involvement with common interest, you belong to a tribe! Here are some sites you can visit to see the video.


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