Chapter 6 Program Planning

March 27, 2009 whitneychilds

This chapter deals with the value of planning and elements of a program plan. There are several approaches to planning. One popular approach is a process called management by objective (MBO).  MBO provides focus and direction fro formulating strategy to achieve specific organizational objectives.

There are nine MBO steps that provide the basis for strategic planning.

1) Client/employer objectives- specific objectives “to make consumers aware of the product’s high quality” are more meaningful than “to make people aware of the product.”

2) Audience/publics-who exactly should be reached with the message and how can the audience help achieve the organization’s objectives?

3) Audience objectives- what is it that the audience wants to know, and how can the message be tailored to audience self-interest?

4) Media channels- what is the appropriate channel for reaching the audience, and how can multiple channels reinforce the message among key publics?

5) Media channel objectives- what is the  media gatekeeper looking for in a news angle?

6) Sources and questions- what primary and secondary sources of information are required to provide a factual base for the message?

7) Communication strategies- what environmental factors will affect the dissemination and acceptance of the message?

8) Essence of the message- what is the planned communication impact on the audience?

9) Nonverbal support- how can photographs, graphs, films, and artwork clarify and visually enhance the message?

One model that plays a large role in planning is a strategic planning model, that works its way from audience,objectives and strategies to headline to the key messages to media vehicle and finally all the way down to executing the plan.

Public relations plans include eight basic elements: situation, objectives, audience, strategy, tactics, calendar, budget and evaluation.


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