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February 12, 2009 whitneychilds

The PR practitioner embodies existential value orientation, which is decided on basis of immediate practical choice. One example from the movie would be when the news broke about the President sexually harassing the Firefly girl, “Conrad” (played by Robert Deniro), decided to act fast and do something to take the attention off the President’s scandal so he created a war.

According to the PR Code of Ethics, the PR practitioner was unethical in many ways. He failed to be honest to the public and lied about the war and all the turn of events that spun off from the war announcement including the “Old Shoe” from group 303, the little Albanian girl holding a cat while running for her life, and even the President giving the woman the coat while standing in the rain. He also proved he wasn’t a loyal man at all. He killed the producer (Dustin Hoffman), after theyhad built what looked like a good “friendship”.

“Wag the Dog” implies that someone has control over a situation and in this case Conrad had control over the public because whatever crazy idea he came up with and it ran on television, the public ate every word without even hesitating to ask for more details or investigate further into the matter.

Conrad displayed an extremely negative sterotype for PR practitioners that implied he had absolutely no morals or or boundaries between right and wrong and that he would do whatever it took to get the job done no matter who he had stomp on to get his way.


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